Choosing to rent your property short term…

From between a few days to a number of weeks suits some people better as it allows you to use your property throughout the year and the price you receive per day is higher than for longterm lets. This, of course, is countered by the fact that the number of rentals you secure throughout the year will be variable and lower during low-season months.

Low season prices are necessarily lower than those during the peak summer season, so this must also be factored into your decision. Short term rentals also require more input from the property owner - or us as the property management company if you choose to use this service - in terms of cleaning between visitors, managing the various bookings, responsibility for utilities such as Wifi, electricity and heating, and simply the increased maintenance and upkeep.

Because the North Coast is not just an extremely popular holiday destination but also home to Ulster University at Coleraine, many landlords combine renting their properties to students for nine months of the year with short term holiday rentals - and/or personal use - during the summer months.

This can work well for some landlords/properties, while others are more suited - and more profitable - to longterm rentals.

Student rentals come with their own set of requirements - such as the new planning permission needed which replaces the previous HMO (houses of multiple occupancy) regulations. See our 'Renting to Students' section for full details on the requirements for this.

Our new online booking facility makes renting short term much easier to organise.

Renting to Students
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Really helpful and nice people! Wouldn't go anywhere else to rent a student house!

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