We specialise in Holiday, Student and Longterm rentals.

We specialise in Holiday, Student and Longterm rentals. We offer a range of property services for both for landlords across Portrush, Portstewart and the wider North Coast area.

The extent of service you need can vary - from simply finding tenants to full management or advising on which house to buy and how to refurbish to maximise your return from a new investment. We can help with all of them.

Our team will help you understand the differences in the different types of rentals and services, all to get the most out of your property.

free rental valuation

From the moment you arrange a free valuation our specialist rental consultants will assess the property's potential and go over the best way to get it rented and start bringing in income.

free rental valuations

Never rented a property out before? Perhaps you…

  • Have an old place that needs a refurbishment but you are unsure of what to do?
  • Are thinking of buying somewhere but don't know where or what type of rental it could become, or what the potential income might be?
  • Are a first time landlord, looking to get into the rental market?
  • Are a landlord with plenty of experience who now needs a hand with management?
We can help you get the most from your property, helping you reach the maximum potential income from renting on the north coast.

Give us a call and organise a meeting…

We will happily advise and walk you through the process of property letting - which we understand can sometimes seem daunting at first. It won't be. We make it easy.

From our brand new offices located right in the middle of the Portstewart Promenade - next to the renowned Morelli's ice cream parlour, you can be assured a warm welcome.

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What options are available?

There are diverse rental options on the north coast - student, holiday lets or longterms. Each is very specific in its requirements and each has its pros and cons.


This is the option to rent out furnished or unfurnished for at least 12 months…

sometimes as long as 24 months at a time!
  • All rental properties must have an EPC certificate (energy performance certificate)
  • At North Coast we like all properties to have carbon monoxide monitors and all oil burners to have their services carried out annually
  • All landlords must be registered as landlords
  • All properties must be cleaned prior to occupation

summer lets

If you want the option to use your property part of the year then holiday home renting could be for you. There are a few requirements to rent as a self- catering let in Northern Ireland and there are a few things you need in place. We can discuss these with you - and how to go about getting them - at your valuation. But some of the 'must haves' include:

  • A Northern Ireland Tourist Board certificate;
  • Landlords insurance for short term holiday lets;
  • The appropriate certificates for heating equipment;
  • A fully furnished, well-equipped facility.

We pride ourselves on a top class service for holiday makers…

and have invested in the most modern technology in the form of a very efficient online booking system which allows renters to make bookings quickly and pay deposits and balances. We take deposits for all holiday properties, free of charge.

These are between £100 and £300 per property and are not taken off balances. They are totally refundable damage and security deposits which we hold for the duration of the tenancy - returning it only once the property has been vacated.

The potential customer just puts in their requirements and dates and a listing appears of all properties available to them.

They can then proceed to a booking page.

Working along side the worlds largest travel agents

We have joined up with one of the largest worldwide internet travel agents Expedia so that our systems are automatically integrated. We also use different advertising platforms depending on the type of rental, such as Airbnb and TripAdvisor, if this is desired.

Contact us today to find out how we can help maximise your rental income with holiday rentals in the North Coast.
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Jenny McBride

We are just finishing our 3rd stay with NCPM! All the girls in the office are fab and the accommodation is 1st class! We already have our 4th and 5th stay booked!

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