NCPM are now organising  Fire risk assessments.  Legislation now requires that all landlords take responsibility for ensuring that their premises reach the required fire safety standard.  It is essential now that all houses/flats carry out a fire risk assessment.  This is law for all houses in multiple occupation and all self-catering properties. As the Northern Ireland fire and rescue service are doing audits it is essential that you have your fire risk assessment done urgently and forward ourselves a copy.

In summary a fire risk assessment of either HMO properties and/or self-catering should be carried out .  A copy of the assessment kept on the premises, with the owner of the property and with ourselves.

Below is a link to the website and fire safe section

Below is a link to Fire Risk Assessment Guidance Document


Therefore if you have a HMO property or self catering it is essential to have the fire risk assessment to us by 01/07/14.